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This was a tip top day, putting my tongue to the tip of his cock, before taking him in deep. And not only in my mouth, of course.
This weekend we are in Bristol, in a hotel, and I might just be naked in front if the hotel windows again, like I was in this image.
My tongue can tell you a million stories of taste and texture, but instead of my silent tongue, my fingers convey those stories to you.
This month the photo prompt for Sinful Sunday is about mirrors. We played around with a new mirror and came up with some images.
This week's #SinfulSunday photo features my boobs, pizza, & a cute pup. Win, win, win. :)
Sinful Sunday - Reflection
A Polaroid self port4rait for this week’s Mirrors Sinful Sunday prompt
On my knees, waiting for him.
a self portrait for Sinful Sunday
Showing some action with the dragon tail in this Sinful Sunday image of my bottom. Master T took the image, someone else held the dragon tail.