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This week for Sinful Sunday my image portrays exposure in more way than one. Some of those are seen, others remain hidden.
When it's bedtime, I tend to get naked before I slip under the covers. Sometimes it's too hot to stay under and then Master T finds me like this.
Convergent means 'coming closer together' and I guess this is as close together as my legs can come. I love this overexposed edit.
A sinful Sunday autumnal image
A sinful sunday entry for the prompt 'fluids'. Erotic photography with uv paints and a blacklight.
"Oh, I saw the full moon," the lady at the bar said when I accidentally showed her the 'wrong' photo. I tend to put myself in such spots...
When editing this photo I thought of the title for this post - wall hugger - and learned that there actually is an explanation in the urban dictionary!
The effect the shadow has in this image makes me go from liking the image to not liking it, despite being quite proud of my bottom.
About a year ago I saw a call on Twitter where Mary Bassett asked for people to submit their photos so she could change that into erotic art.
Back in 2014 we had a date with The Traveler where I left the sheets on the bed wet after a sexy and hot squirting experience.