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Instead of looking as sexy as I thought they would, my breasts and nipples resembles two eyes in this image more than anything else.
We so easily think of ourselves as imperfect, but being imperfect makes us unique and special and totally perfect in our imperfection!
One of the images I took while I was testing the Queen Bee came out so nicely that I wanted to share it, despite the unflattering tummy roll.
It's Sunday and even though I look like a lazy bum on this image, I am quite busy running around with my camera somewhere in the city!
In photography the 'rule of thirds' is important when composing an image. I tend to put my subject right in the middle, but that's not how it should be done.
Today is my fifty-first birthday and I don't want to celebrate it, because I miss my mom so much. This is not how it was supposed to be.
Sometimes the lines of a body is curved, like mine, but sometimes even my body can show more or less straight lines, like in this image.
Every body is curved in some or other way, and the most important thing is to embrace your curves and love yourself the way you are.
sinful sunday, February photo fest erotic image
The prompt for this month's Sinful Sunday is the letter E, and I have chosen to share an image showing emotion, but also because I think it's beautiful.