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The word 'dotty' has several meanings, but I have decided to adopt the meaning that fits me the best, since I love myself just the way I am!
I am hiding my eyes from the world as my grief lies openly in them, while my mouth tells the world that I will be fine and they shouldn't worry about me.
I have been playing around with my camera and like how my legs are sort of centered in this image, and love the pattern on it.
“Did you know that a witch’s blood makes music?"
I have a new desk since just before Christmas and it has become part of my daily routine. I sit at it every day, sometimes for an hour, sometimes more.
Sinful Sunday entry. Black and white erotic close up photograph.
A Sinful Sunday post featuring a sexy arse and some sexy whip marks
Festive Sinful Sunday entry. Erotic Christmas photo.
A Christmas themed Sinful Sunday entry featuring Santa dress and giant stuffed reindeer.
A Sinful Sunday entry for the prompt red. Facing away from the camera in red lace lingerie.