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A couple start the day in the best way...
a beautiful kiss
Walking in on two girls doing this in your shower has to be many men’s wet dream. Why? The fact is that if the girls are enjoying themselves that much a guy
Hey girls do you ever feel like we have been cheated on the advertisement front. After all there are copious amounts of adverts featuring
Janet took the head of his penis into her mouth and sucked on it gently. The feel of it on her tongue filling her mouth was making her heart flutter. She had never let him deep into her mouth, but now she wanted to. He watched his cock disappear between her lips, felt its tip slide across the roof of her mouth, her tongue undulating across the frenulum. It came to rest against her soft palette.
A woman pees on a man, and he loves it.
Muffy wants Mandy and they fuck after watching a movie...
Two friends have sex in the shower after studying college math homework...