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XXX typed into Google gives you an entire list of porn sites, which are filled with explicit photos and videos. I like to believe that my blog is different.
Being wet can come from many things. Sometimes it's because I am touched, other times because I see someone I really fancy.
When I speak about my pussy I include everything in that one term: the labia, the clitoris and also the vagina, the opening where I love to be fucked.
Testicles, or balls, are intriguing things. I love to see how hard Master T's cock get when stroke his balls with my nails.
For the fourth Sunday of April I looked at the fourth Sundays of the last five years and re-used an image from one of those years.
Skelly is my little puppet friend who went on many adventures with us, but has been sleeping in his coffin for quite some time now.
When I hear the word 'rubber', I think of condoms and the way in all my fifty years on this planet, I have not yet learned how to put one on a man.
I fantasize about quickies quite frequently, but will it ever happen or do I prefer to take my time when it comes to sex?
There are so many ways to orgasm, and I've had so many special orgasms in the years I have been blogging. Here's a list of the posts about orgasms.
Being naked is a natural state and a state I wish I can be in much more than I can. One day, I will be able to be naked much more than I can now.