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Sinful Sunday entry to celebrate a year of sex blogging. Erotic photograph in bra and tutu.
An entry for Sinful Sunday. Erotic photography of me reading books in lingerie.
This Art Class model poses with an erection and is not shy about it.
"Oh, I saw the full moon," the lady at the bar said when I accidentally showed her the 'wrong' photo. I tend to put myself in such spots...
What do you do when you no longer feel sexy? What do you do when you've never felt sexy?
Every time I see him, I get wet. He's eye candy, but he's also kind and sweet and he lusts after me. I can see the lust in his eyes when he looks at me.
A Sinful Sunday entry. Black and white erotic photograph which may or may not be a little too risque.
If you ascend my stairs at just the right moment, you could get a very cheeky view.
Reading my tweets, I wanted to show how I grew in sex over the fifty years of my life. Here I am highlighting several things during my life.
Sexy time is any time that either my man or I are feeling horny and have a bit of space to act upon these desires.