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From unsure to heteroflexible with a few other stops along the way
If I were a woman for a day
One of the signs of menopause is dry hands and dry skin. I think I have the first, although it hasn't been confirmed by a doctor.
A reader asks if opening relationships kills marriages.
Buying a present for Christmas can always be a little difficult, especially if you’ve been with someone for a while
I don't like labels
The word of the week is: Consensual Slave.
In some countries hormone replacement therapy is not easily prescribed by doctors for menopause.
I had such an amazing experience at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, put on by the incredible Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance. Thanks so much to Tantus and Njoy for the blogger scholarship that helped me get there and to Bex...
Melen told Rayne she doesn't ask to masturbate enough. This is unacceptable because Rayne is a pleasure slave, and watching Rayne masturbate brings Melen pleasure.