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He selfishly grabbed at the sound of her words and breath feeling the rumble as they moved through his heated blood filled veins. The gentle strength of her substance disturbing the darkness. Shaking the chains of broken promises. Awakening the beauty of the beast that lied waiting to arise. Awakening the power and strength of the warrior king waiting to be called forth from his slumber.
Description of the fears I held onto as a newbie to the fetish community.
Wicked Wednesday bucket list!
An exhibition exploring the aspects of eroticism, fetishism, femininity and the public portrayal of sex workers.
 Time for me to educate and enlighten you with sexual words and terms that begin with the letter Z. The last entry in my A to Z blogger challenge.
How do you turn on a Domme? What triggers a dominant's dominance?
When I'm turned-on, I want to fuck. When I'm triggered, I want to fuck him into a wall with my hand wrapped around his throat.
I appreciate his sexual turn-ons and submissive triggers, except when they feel less like eagerness and more like expectations.
Why do I say that? Because women have super-powers. And no, I am not referring any of the jokes you may have heard about them getting wet without water, bleeding without a cut, making boneless meat hard, or making guys eat without cooking food. No! I mean honest to goodness, seemingly defying the laws of physics, quasi-supernatural SUPER-FUCKING-POWERS!
A few helpful hints from personal experience