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Every woman knows or has met a Tyler!
While pumping gas, Rayne overheard a man telling his wife how horrible it was that 'girls' were always going places alone in their neighborhood. He used Rayne as an example. This is her response.
Okay, so it's a Justin Bieber song, so it totally sucks, but not for the reason Lena Dunham says it does. The video, on the other hand? Utter and complete shite.
Has the demise of Page 3 in the Sun achieved anything? I don't know.
Bits and pieces of sex news and smuttiness that made me think, made me laugh, and made me happy.
A personal piece about shame surrounding sex and nudity.
I was an unwilling subject of voyeurism by two men I caught looking in my windows while I did chores in my bra and panties.
From my mailbag, a reader asserts that porn is sexist, I challenge them.
My thoughts on feminism and it's place within my own submission. Discusses The Everyday Sexism Project and the impact it has had on me.