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Here at Himdulgence we support sexual freedom, safe sex, the right to choose and all sorts of kinks for everyone. So long as sexual partners are willing participants
Some people that many men are all the same, wanting to see big boobs parading about in sexy clothing and projecting a persona that can be anything from
My sexual experience A-Z
In my second year of university, I briefly worked as a text-chat girl. The rate was 8 pence for every text I sent. It doesn't sound like much, but with all those texts flooding in constantly over a period of a few hours, I was hoping I could at least build up the same kind of income as I would from a crappy part-time job I didn't have the time or desire to find. I figured I could quite literally study and earn money at the same time. Well... the fact is, that didn't happen. If you want the blunt truth, I made a measly 1.20 in a week. That's right. I sat beside my computer for five hours every day of that...
Im not a prostitute I may be a sex worker, but Im not someone going in and having sex for money, or just some horny dude trying to bang it out as much as I can. I love sex, and embracing human sexuality. I love exploring it. This quote annoys me and I blogged about it!
Miss Rumpus just gives an update on a new twitter feed she's started so as to keep work, lifestyle, and such organized instead of mushing together.
The perils and triumphs of journalists attempting to cover the sex industry.