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Sex with strangers has a huge erotic appeal and there’s no mystery as to why. Sex with strangers is exciting, dangerous and something that most of us never do.

Sex with strangers is therefore very much taboo for most people in real life as it is fraught with many real dangers from assault to STUs. So while there are ways in which it can be made safer while retaining much of the thrill, such as swinging and partner swapping we really wouldn’t advise you going out and grabbing the first person you fancu before banging your brains out. But what you could do instead is read the posts below recorded by our members and enjoy their experiences without the risks. Plus you get to be voyeur

She knelt next to me now and was able to take the whole of my cock in her hand. Slowly and deliberately she started to wank me, first looking at my cock, then into my eyes and then back at my cock again. The soft skin exposed and hid my glans which glistened in the dim light from the screen. She liked the taste of precum and leant in to taste it by lapping me with her tongue. She had great tits nicely displayed in a tight blouse that was opened far lower than I remembered when I bought the tickets.
He lifted me up onto the freshly wiped stainless steel worktop and began to suck my nipples while roughly massaging my tits with his hands. He was almost too rough and it felt a little uncomfortable but I was enjoying his passion, none of this love making that some of my boyfriends had been into. I like to be treated like a lady but a lady with a slut inside. I stroked his hair while he played with them and was thrilled when I felt his hand trying to reach inside my panties. I opened my legs but the position that I was in stretched them across my pussy almost as effectively as a chastity belt.
Sally’s hand began to squeeze my cock then to slowly rub it. I pinched her nipple making her flinch but not enough to break from my lips as I invaded her mouth with my tongue until hers submitted to mine. She was breathing faster now as was I and I wanted to drag her off and fuck her mercilessly but without leaving the club that was never going to happen. I wasn’t mad enough to try it here in this darkened corner.
Poppy’s moans by thrusting frantically with hard, deep strokes. The form ferociously he drove into her the most she seemed to want “Yes! YES!” was all the confirmation Kevin needed to continue the powerful, but unsophisticated fuck.
Now he pushes her against the wall, she pulls at her skirt, lifting the hem to a roll around her waist, exposing black silk panties to the cool December air. Lucy pulls them to one side and guides his throbbing head between her sensitive lips, made even more so by the kiss of the icy air.
She grasped her own nipples, stroking and squeezing them as she felt the muscular animal lick, tickle and probe her. His face was wet with her, the heady scent filling his nostrils and driving him to even more frantic efforts. Her moans of pleasure merged into one ululatant exaltation.