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Sex toys can be great to enjoy on your own or with a partner and it’s amazing how many are now available. Check out the latest sex toy posts from our members and open aup a new world of sexual exploration.

Today is my 4 Year Blogiversary y’all, and to celebrate I’m hosting a sex toy goodies giveaway & sale!
The Fifty Shades trilogy of steamy “mummy porn” books has well and truly put sex on the map for millions of couples worldwide. Retailers such as EdenFantasys enjoyed a huge surge in sales
Yes, we all know Durex, some of us grew up on them so to speak. Being the most recognised barrier contraception producer
Guess what, y’all?! Today is my one year Monaversary!
I’m tempted to let this tweet stand for itself as my review…but since not everyone compares butt plugs to pizza, let’s talk about why the Njoy Pure Plugs rock...
It seems like too long since Jimmjane released a new product on the market. I’m a big fan of their products because historically they
Yesterday, LELO released not one, not two, but three new prostate toys. Hugo, Bruno, and Loki. All silicone, rechargeable, ergonomically shaped, and offering multiple speeds. These might just be the best luxury prostate toys currently on the market.
Last week I attended the amazing Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit (I’m planning on writing a post about it so stay tuned!), and while I was there, I shot this self portrait in Bex‘s shiny new Njoy Eleven...
The Toy Joy Bunii is nicely presented in a matt black case with over sized image of the product on the front, function icons
I captured this photo of my Njoy Pure Plug (stay tuned for my review!) yesterday at Hippie Hollow with my Galaxy s4.