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Sex toys can be great to enjoy on your own or with a partner and it’s amazing how many are now available. Check out the latest sex toy posts from our members and open aup a new world of sexual exploration.

My Lelo Lily 2 arrived packaged in a totally different style of box to the normal ones provided by Lelo. No longer are the boxes
A photo of one of my new glass toys.
Good news, y’all–if you’ve been coveting my sex toy photo coasters, get some NOW–they’re 25% off!
The Bon Aparte Vibrator (or Good Apart, or maybe it’s “bone” LOL) is my second review in a collection of products I will be reviewing
Introducing the newest toy in my collection
I was gifted a set of beautiful Rianne S. booty plugs.
The Lelo Loki Anal Vibrator comes, as always beautifully packaged from Lelo. The box is wrapped in a black bag to minimise damage during shipping to the faux
The Mystim company have been around for some years now and I’ve kept on bumping in to them at trade fairs but for some reason
The “Der” range of vibrators continues with this the latest release from German manufacturers Fun Factory. This range offers double
While I was photographing Ninja’s collection, I also captured this self portrait holding the biggest dildo she brought to Woodhull...