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My Lelo Lily 2 arrived packaged in a totally different style of box to the normal ones provided by Lelo. No longer are the boxes
The Bon Aparte Vibrator (or Good Apart, or maybe it’s “bone” LOL) is my second review in a collection of products I will be reviewing
The “Der” range of vibrators continues with this the latest release from German manufacturers Fun Factory. This range offers double
The Maro Kawaii 2 Vibrator is one of a series of mini vibrators from Tokyo Design, Hong Kong. And for some reason I can’t help myself in wanting
Yes, we all know Durex, some of us grew up on them so to speak. Being the most recognised barrier contraception producer
It seems like too long since Jimmjane released a new product on the market. I’m a big fan of their products because historically they
I know I’m becoming repetitive here but I’m a fan of Adrien Lastic on many levels, foremost because of their imagination and creativity
Manufacturer NMC have been around in the sex toy arena for some time now so one can only assume that it’s because they make a good
It’s a while since I tested the Tiger G4 vibrator, just wait a minute while I check out just how long… …Boy, it was back in 2011.
I’m a fan of Lelo, yes they’ve had a couple of misses over the years but overall they deliver…sexual thrills. The only other company