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Sex toys can be great to enjoy on your own or with a partner and itís amazing how many are now available. Check out the latest sex toy posts from our members and open aup a new world of sexual exploration.

After a lab accident gives Dr. Jacqueline Hyde the best orgasm of her life, she decides to take her notes home and figure out what happened. Her drive home doesn't go as expected.
Jenna Haze Lust is her signature butt Fleshlight. The texture has a lot of going on but felt surprisingly mild. The sleeve isnít tight for an anal Fleshlight.
Julia finds a way to cool off and heat up on lazy, hot afternoon. She uses an impromptu sex toy to make the sweltering weather bearable.
My review of the Amorino, a mini vibrator by Fun Factory.
Dr. Hyde accidentally discovers a compound that turns her into a horny slut. She uses whatever is on hand to satisfy her lust.
The Rocks Off Bamboo Fire vibrator is a stunning looking clitoral vibe that performs as well as it looks. Its cheap price is amazing considering its performance
The Doxy Die Cast is a veritable orgasm extraction machine, it is like a little Sybian on a stick and I love it. Check out my review to see why.
Fleshlights are well known but what are Fleshjacks? This guide to Fleshjacks answers your questions and helps you to choose the best Fleshjack.
A short story on with a Daddy Dom using a woman's braided hair as reins in a rough blowjob.
This dildo is hand painted and is absolutely stunning, its gentle curve and three bulbs also makes it a heck of a lot of fun to thrust with