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Sex toys can be great to enjoy on your own or with a partner and itís amazing how many are now available. Check out the latest sex toy posts from our members and open aup a new world of sexual exploration.

A thorough and honest review of the Pipedreams Icicles No7 Glass Dildo. This dildo is covered in raised bumps which blissfully stimulate with every thrust. Includes video review.
This stunning piece of jewellery has a kinky secret, it is actually a BDSM tool in the form of a pinwheel and makes for a great day collar
This bipolar anal electrode is perfect for all sexes and you really do get a good sensation through the black silicone body.
A thorough and honest review of the ElectraStim Flick EM60-E Stimulator. The device that introduced me to a whole new world of sexual pleasure.
This great sex toy storage box comes with a combination lock and the ability to charge your sex toys whilst they are locked away.
I enjoyed reviewing the Queen Bee from Hot Octopuss, it took a while to find the sweet spot but once I did it blew me away.
Silicone Skull DIldo from This is a size queens dream come true and is a great dildo, come and see what I thought of its performance.
The Zombie dildo from the Fleshlight Freaks range is incredibly lifelike and detailed. If you fancy being banged by the living dead then check out my review
Apart from frying my pussy lips the first time I used it I have had so much fun with this piece of sex-tech
These easy to use snap hooks are made out of stainless steel and are a lot of fun. I have even found uses for them outside of a BDSM scene and use them almost every day.