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Pictorial story
I fucked a guy in the ass while he was sucking on a t-girls cock, while she was sucking on Aces cock. All the while being unsolicitedly watched, groped, and cock-stabbed by countless, faceless men through the many holes of the dark, dirty cubicle. It was one of the most surreal sexperiences of my life.
Had a bit of a sex party and sketched some of the action. I then made an animated gif of one of the sketches for Wanton Wednesday
Sadey gets another birthday present at this BDSM birthday/Labor day party. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) for her, all presents must be sex toys that the giver can use on her during the party, in front of anyone who wants to watch.
The rule for the gift givers: they must be able to use their gift on Sadey during the party. In this story, Sadey receives her first gift.