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At the end of each year I make a list of the top blogs I have read during the year. I single out twenty blogs, although I read a lot more.
My top blogs of 2017
Bex talks sex, wears ice cream dresses, and makes double ended dildo creations. Can we talk for a minute about how adorable she is?
Its that time of year again yall! The Top Sex Blogger lists have begun, and I have two quick favors to ask of you dear readers:
If you love my blog or any particular posts, would you consider nominating one for the Sex Blogger Post of the Year?
Domme who has a sex blog finds it interferes with her love (and sex!) life...
The annual List - The sexiest blogs of 2012 - aka - Inferno's always worth a read list.
On moderating comments and people who send nasty notes about the lifestyle and sex practices