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The last sentence gave him pause. Her words…“so ruined” rumbled through his chest. What if he was… ruined? What if he never found with anyone else what drew him so deeply to her?
I’m a few days late on this, I know. But the first programme in Channel 4’s Real Sex season really got me thinking: is pornography really that big of a problem? Well… I have come to the very on-the-fence conclusion that it is and it isn't. Certainly, it’s a problem in the wrong hands; but, really, you could say the same about substances. Or the very act of sex itself, In fact, you could say that about pretty much anything that creates pleasure. This is because just about anything that feels good has the potential for abuse. Porn in itself is a problem - but it's not the problem. There is a very real and very worrying ignorance operating throughout our society...
A review of the movie Shame.