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Every time I see him, I get wet. He's eye candy, but he's also kind and sweet and he lusts after me. I can see the lust in his eyes when he looks at me.
A variety of fantastic sex podcasts and why you should be listening to them.
LUWI (Let Us Wear It) is a new female condom offering excellent STI and pregnancy protection and it can be inserted up to 8 hours before you plan to use it.
Just when I thought it would take a long time before it happens again, the stars aligned and Master T and I shared some wonderful intimate moments.
'Fly me to the moon' is a song by Frank Sinatra, but also a deep wish of mine, that will one day metaphorically come true. It just needs time.
This ladies and gentlemen is one of the oldest of self doubt questions and it's right up there with the other classics such as "Is my dick big enough? (for the guys of course)" and "Does my bum look big in this? (for me when I buy a new dress)".
Reading my tweets, I wanted to show how I grew in sex over the fifty years of my life. Here I am highlighting several things during my life.
I am always getting asked where the best positions for estim electrodes are and so I wrote this NSFW guide...
I am going through a difficult time, which have my desire for sex burning very low. I am worried. I am down. I am not sexy at all.
Ready for some butthole action? Your own fingers are the best place to start. You have control over them, they’re thinner than most other things you can put up your butt, and they’re free.