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For Sinful Sunday Week 170, an image of a swashbuckling Sir Alpha stripping erotic slave Serafina Samadhi with his swordplay.
An image for Sinful Sunday, including rope bondage, an intimate closeup, and my sweet slave/wife being "brought to heel" by the bondage.
Penises come in all styles and all are lovely to gaze upon. I am biased, of course! Penis Pride Project affords me the opportunity to brag on my Master.
Pigtails are the prompt for Kink of the Week. Pigtails are also a trigger for Serafina, making me ask, "Do I really want to see her in pigtails that badly?"
Serafina Samadhi, meet your hostess, wife, slave, and submissive to Master Michael Samadhi. Serafina's ongoing journey into BDSM.
An artistic image of Michael Samadhi, what Serafina saw last night when she was on her back during our play.
Oh fiddle is the Joy of Kink entry for Sinful Sunday. Serafina modelling a shrew's fiddle, a device with it's origins in the medieval torture chamber.
Picture of the Laughing Scene, BDSM isn't just about finding balance between pleasure & pain, it's about finding balance between seriousness & laughter too.
My slave wife will literally bend over backwards to please, as illustrated.