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Semen, sperm, cum, spunk or jism, whatever you want to call it the sticky white stuff is central to sex when a man is involved because itís rare that a guyís ultimate is orgasm and that usually involves a shower of cum, LOL

If you like the feel of it or think itís icky, like the taste of it, or think itís gross then this is the page for you with all the posts out members have added relating to semen.

Warning! These pages may be sticky

The topic for the Kink of the Week meme is semen. I am sharing my thoughts on sucking, swallowing and smearing.
He marked me when he masturbated and came over my breasts.
He fucked my mouth and took a picture of it.
Both Master T and M would like to see me covered in cum, but the thought makes me shiver. I want it, but I don't want it.
Sucking Master T is something I like to do and when I do, I try not to waste a drop when He climaxes.
Her fingers probed her lips, parting and caressing them, enjoying the warmth and lubrication of the water. Finding her sensitive clitoris, two fingers enclosed and teased it. She thought of what was to come and brought herself to the point of release under the warm torrent from the showerhead. She stopped short, wanting to save herself for him.
Do pineapple pills really help the taste of cum?
Semen stains are embarrassing, but they don't have to be difficult to remove. I've compiled a list of possible ways to remove them.
Ever had a mouthful of salty semen?