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Here is to hoping that next month is better than this one was! I had a rough April, but next month, next WEEK, you can expect the blog to be up and running again.
C. Poly's views on god and religion.
Blogging and personal goals for Poly Love and Sex for the month of March 2017. Write erotica, preplan posts, drawing, and spring cleaning!
Mental illness is often shut behind doors and hidden from society. When it isn't hidden it is romanticized. Take a raw look inside my mind on a bad day. Doesn't seem so 'pretty' now, huh?
Masturbating is the kink of the week topic, and for me, masturbating is not always about private moments. Sometimes I do it while being watched.
Love the pussy you have.... it is perfect!
harvest's brief post on heroes
One orgasm, towards the end of the orgasm race, has left me very satisfied and very happy.
An erotic masturbation image of me for Sinful Sunday.
An image of me using some of my toys from my point of view.