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The bath intensifies and Rha'han discovers Selena's weakness.
The bath begins.
Rha'han brings Selena to his home.
Rha'han marks his captive.
Selena pushes her captor a little too far and faces the consequences
Selena faces down the aliens attacking her facility.
A scientific facility on an alien planet has been attacked by the natives.
I'm kind of aware that my recent episodes may have been making for challenging bedtime reading. Hive-lesbian rituals and angst-ridden orgy dreams may be important to a developing plot, but I'm not sure they hit the spot when you're just wanting a little, erm, time to yourself. So, to thank you for staying with me, here's a simple, romantic scene between a girl, and her shape-shifting alien mistress. Well, this is me, after all! Happy New Year to all.