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If you fancy giving BDSM a try, here are some helpful pointers regarding bondage. Go on explore your kinky side
The word of the week is: Safe Call.
Anal sex should never hurt... how to do it safely and enjoyably.
There's something about taking a risk with a bad boy... but resistance is essential
Give strumpets a break - they're entitled to a few double standards, surely?
Rayne discusses why she likes to hear the words "You're mine" from her master.
Is it safe to share your favorite flogger or leather BDSM gear with a new play date? Lets look at this subject, you may be surprised.
Are there health or hygiene issues involved in performing cunnilingus and analingus in the same session? In other words, is it safe to lick an asshole and then lick a pussy?
I give notice that due to the nature of my ex-slave I will be password-protecting *some* of my blog posts, not all. If you aren't him and don't seem like a sock account (I know you from somewhere or google shows you've posted elsewhere on the internet before today) then message me through my contact page and I'll send you the password.
Hi D, I’m a very curious sub female in training. It’s all been online so far, I have yet to meet my Dom male in person… and when I do, I’ve been instructed that I will not be allowed to see him. I’m a bit nervous about this although we have built up an amazing bond of trust so far. Your thoughts please on the first meeting condition…