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The rough, thick rope was now strung between two ancient trees. The rope she watched him tie a single knot into that night. She loved the strong look of his hands while tying. The naked and muscled moving obedient of him as he tied the ends of the rope to two points hammock style. The sisal rope with the natural fibers and the knot in the center. Her eyes followed him as he turned away from her, stepping over the rope and straddling. She, comfortably dressed contrasting the naked, whipped and reddened of him. Her standing and him squatting down onto the rope. The scratchy, fiber knot fitting into the crack of his ass, wedging between the cheeks as he lowers himself down into an awkward crouching position.
How does a female domme deal with dominant, sadistic sexual desires?
For a sadistic BDSM implement, I recommend the dermaroller as a great pervertible toy for needle play. With lots of sharp points, it delivers blood, pain, and sexy good times.
My submissive is eager for me to file my nails so I can fuck him. Instead, forcing him to hold the nail file between his teeth makes me wet.
I play with a new piece of kit and find myself enjoying my Boy's pain.
A dominant woman answers questions about crossdressing, communication, BDSM discipline and punishments, and sadism for its own sake.
"Breaking" a submissive means different things to different people. It can mean deep subspace, giving up resistance, emotional catharsis, or extreme breaking that changes people.
I hurt him a little, then sat between his knees, his legs suspended on either side of me. I stroked his cock and teased his hole until he whimpered, until he begged to be fucked.
I'm so fucking glad I love you as much as I do because otherwise, Iíd destroy you.
But unfortunately, the rational part of my brain canít speak sense to the emotional part of my brain because the emotional part of my brain is too busy curled in the fetal position, crying in the corner. Sometimes, my emotional brain is a whiny little bitch who wonít listen to logic or reason.