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How to use toys to create the feeling of inviting an extra partner to your playtime as a couple, without any awkward feelings. Role-play ideas are also discussed to help spice up your playtime
What is the difference between a kink and a fetish? While there's little consensus in the BDSM community, the importance lies in the way each speak to intimacy.
Fetish Roleplay
Fetish Roleplay.
Role play is a fun and diverting part of many peopleís sex lives, but others take it very seriously indeed. There canít be many people who havenít (in a long-term relationship) spiced it up with a little role play. I know we have on a number of occasions
Masks have one of two functions, either to mask the identity of the wearer from the rest of the world or as in the case of the Fetish Fantasy Leather Love mask to deprive the wearer of their sense of sight.
Itís a fact that some people are from a very early age predisposed towards a BDSM lifestyle. By inclination, upbringing or a combination of both they know that they need to be sub
"At first I thought the girl with her tongue hanging out was engaged in some sort of puppy play, but then I realized she's just ugly--that's how she looks all the time."
Ever dream of being an anthro horse? Now, Fetish Zone has a silicone horse penis that can be worn for sex, or it can be used as a dildo or masturbation sleeve! Pictures and a demo/comparison video between this equine sheath and a k9 sheath included in the review!