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Review of the Vesper from Crave
Review of this lovely crop.
Review of this sex toy.
It doesnít matter how many clitoral toys I have Ė I must have or at least try them all. My clit has days where the Doxy Wand isnít enough power and then there are days when Amie is too much for my clit.
A review of 2014. Top Posts, top commenters and highlights of the past year and goals for 2015
My year in review, showing my favorite posts and photos for 2014.
Review for this masturbator.
Review of this handmade and custom steel collar.
This is an exclusive e-book collection of six kinky stories, bringing you into the world of submission. Includes an exclusive excerpt and review of the collection.
A review of the anthology that includes twenty-two erotic stories. Includes an exclusive excerpt and link to giveaway.