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These black and white high contrast leather wrist restraints are fantastic quality and great for extended periods of wear. Come and see why I rate them so highly
The MEOBOND Electronic Time Lock For Bondage and Chastity Belts is a fantastic little electronic padlock for all sorts of kinky BDSM games.
A little bondage goes a long way.
This spreader bar from is exceptional quality and with its five attachment points there is lots of scope for some really kinky play
These metal shackles are great quality and come with a tool to unlock and unlock them again. They are great quality
So my Stunt Cock got a nice surprise when he came home from work to find me on my knees holding this rope out for him to use on me.
Love 50 Shades of Grey? Well I love this dungeon and am happy to recommend TP Dungeon Studio for anyone looking for a cost effective kinky experience. Live out your fantasies
Size isn't everything, right? Well it's true, this short sampler rope is very useful in the bedroom and is an ideal addition to anyone kink bag
This BDSM fantasy kit is great value for money and the quick release restraints give you lots of play opportunities and they are also very safe to use.
A cock cage is not your everyday sex toy, if indeed there can be such a thing as an everyday sex toy. I say this because some sex toys such as vibrators