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Once there was a 19 year old boy who married a woman eighteen years older than him. When the boy was a 47 year old man working on an oil rig, his wife was 65 and he'd only ever slept with ONE woman. I decided to be the second woman he slept with and the deed took place in a cramped caravan with another couple present.
Who knew giving head could be dangerous??? A real sex story from One Woman regaling the conundrum of bedding an ugly guy. After he spent some time tending my pussy, I was then faced with the prospect of either giving him head or refusing to on the grounds that he wasn’t the prettiest boy in the playground. That I was locked all alone with him in a theatre made the situation very hazardous indeed.
A journey exploring a sexual adventure with a married man from New Zealand (who lived with his wife ten doors down from my house) involving some steamy antics in a garage.
I had a plan to try and sleep with a man from every country in the world. I lured my South African via cyber sex to my London bedsit with the promise of him losing his anal virginity. It worked in that I had sex with a South African and could check off that box, but the price my bottom had to pay with his inexperience was memorable and kinda sexy.
Ever fancied sex (on the beach or anywhere come to that) with a celebrity? I think most people have. Few of us get to fulfill that fantasy. So what about the next best thing - sex with a lookey likey. It fills a hole in more than one way.
The implications of excess...
We have hot anal sex while she has her period every month.
The true and explicit story of our first 69, and then later her peiod puts a damper on the festivities.
It takes her fifteen minutes, but she is able to suck him until he comes. Wish she'd do that for me!
we meet another couple in an open triad relationship!