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Who knew giving head could be dangerous??? A real sex story from One Woman regaling the conundrum of bedding an ugly guy. After he spent some time tending my pussy, I was then faced with the prospect of either giving him head or refusing to on the grounds that he wasn’t the prettiest boy in the playground. That I was locked all alone with him in a theatre made the situation very hazardous indeed.
A little ditty about having sex with an up and coming comedian who made me feel ugly and loved at the same time. Good sex, but I didn't leave laughing.
There once was a gorgeous Irish 18 year old Catholic boy on a bachelor party in London who crossed paths with an experienced 24 year old, sexually insatiable Australian. One cheesy chat up line and they were in bed together but what happened next...?
This post I delve into the shady realms of just how old is too old for sex. As a near thirty something woman was shagging a posh British school teacher taking it a step to far. Should the fact he had a hip replacement and dodgy leg have alerted me to an unforgettable (for all the wrong reasons) experience.
A journey exploring a sexual adventure with a married man from New Zealand (who lived with his wife ten doors down from my house) involving some steamy antics in a garage.
Real Sex Story: One normal girl, one hot part-time student model and his dull, boring, attractive friend. All the ingredients you need to brighten up a Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. How could it all go wrong?
Real Sex Story: On the verge of turning 30 and having befriended a beautiful teen Irish model new in London. My efforts to assist him rub in tanning lotion had me partaking in some barely legal fun with a sexually confused gorgeous boy.
Real Sex Story: One young female theatre manager in London's West End exploring her sexuality via her bar staff - more than sexual lessons learnt.
Hitting thirty (Cougar Town!) with the rise of internet dating proved very beneficial to my insatiable appetite for younger men and in particular those teenage boys of the asian persuasion.
Real sex story: One beer festival in town, one lost Australian, one sexy Dutch hunk and some public sex on a pier with full exposure to anyone wanting to watch.