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In every relationship, they said 'You don't know what love is.' So this is her ramblings and thoughts on what love means to her. This is what love is.
Dating online sucks, but being a polyamorous person in an online dating app or website comes with its own set of disappointments.
An update on how I did on my March goals and an overview of my goals for May. What are your goals for this month?
A list of my favorite blog posts from fellow bloggers from the month of April. Featuring Dangerous Lilly, Girly Juice, and more!
Here is to hoping that next month is better than this one was! I had a rough April, but next month, next WEEK, you can expect the blog to be up and running again.
Another update on how life is going for me.
Update on how life is going
C. Poly's views on god and religion.
Steak and blowjob day is march 14th. Here is an awesome steak recipe paired with amazing blowjob tips.
Noveltrove is a new and upcoming website that hosts erotica. It is great for authors and readers alike!