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Sitting on faces is what Kink of the Week is about. Who will be the next woman to sit on my face?
That night, I let him ramble–I enjoy him so much when he’s subspacey–but I didn’t respond to his comment. In the days that followed, the thought bounced around in my brain. While I’m not into the act, the thought of him breaking his limits really turned me on. His deciding to violate boundaries (ones he set for himself) would mean he was farther into his submission. That? That’s fucking hot.
It was the submissive boy, in the bedroom, with a vibrator.
Without any warning, warmup, or foreplay, I stripped off my jeans, pinned him, and sat on his face. Generally, it takes some time, abuse, and teasing to get me wet and wanting and feeling confident enough to mount his face. But that night was different. (fast forward through a couple of hours and a lot of licking...)
The other night--orgasm night--J didn't know whether to believe me. Obviously, he didn't stop what he was doing just to question me. Besides that, his face was buried in my cunt, and as I've learned, that's his favorite place to be.
Bottoms can't say why they enjoy queening because their faces are covered with Domme-ass and their mouths are full of pussy. If they could talk, bottoms might say they enjoy the darkness, the pressure and weight, and the textures and scents of a woman's genitals, combined with feelings of being controlled, used, and put into a position of submission by their dominants.
Because bitch-boy so hates Total Sensory Depravation bondage, I find I am using it more and more. 5 hours on Sunday.
Best way to spend Super Bowl Sunday is watching the football game from a queening chair. Wanna come to my party?