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Whether you are doing it or just fantasising about it, public sex is one of the most intriguing and potentially exciting ways of expressing your sexuality. Itís one of the most overt forms of exhibitionism and yet often those who attempt to have sex in public often say itís the potential for getting caught that adds to the thrill of sex just outside the view of others. Public sex also covers activities like dogging where being on public display while youíre fucking is the whole idea. Some of the watchers may even join in.

A word of caution, truly public sex is illegal in most countries with penalties ranging from a fine to long prison terms in some puritanical regions of the world.

haring C visited the Good Doctor's home away from home, 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, on a recent Thursday afternoon, and by all accounts, was an afternoon for the ages. In Part 1, we have reporter Raygun's report on this hot scene, and here in Part 2, from the guest of honor herself, Sharing C. Also added this great report are some very hot solo pics of the amazing Sharing C that she wants to share with you.
Doc here, a man who some say once held tutorials for both men and women to show them how to make a lady squirt. However, when the local church found out the class curriculum for the class being held in their basement, we were evicted. Long time reporter Anaconda has submitted a report on the crazy Mardi Gras Party I hosted in Hartford at The Art Cinema on April 25th, 2015. It was a crazy night, and thankfully Anaconda was there to add his perspective on the evening.
Doc here, a man who some say shaves daily with Occam's Razor, with a timely Flash report from The Guy with the Glasses. TGWTG was johnny on the spot covering last week's noon visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater by out of town guests Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest. With steno pad in hand (OK, maybe not), and pen at the ready (OK, maybe not), he captured his point of view on the visit, and his time with Sexy Savannah.
Doc here, a man who some say once hypnotized a goat, with another edition of The Good Doctor's Pic(s) of the Day. Tonight The Good Doctor is featuring my good friend, the very hot Milf Kat from Upstate NY. Milf Kat is a frequent patron of the arts at The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, and it is there where the pics you will see below were taken.
Doc here, a man who some say taught at a summer yoga retreat, specializing in summoning of the elusive succo di signora for it's members, with a Flash Report from regular contributor Anaconda. Anaconda traveled to the legendary Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ and has filed this report with The Good Doctor. It's a good one folks...
It has been a long time since we have heard from Hotwife and Squidly. You see, they lived and worked in South Korea (at least, until recently), and they would report in on their efforts to find a lifestyle scene in South Korea. Imagine The Good Doctor's surprise when he received this terrific report and pics this morning. And ladies and gentlemen, this report is all sorts of awesomeness. This report illustrates the value of taking one's time diving deeper into the lifestyle.
Doc here, a man who some say was once given the key to the Naked City, since he had a million stories about it, with a GREAT Couples Flash report from the legendary A-Z Couple. A-Z hit the huge Beach Blanket Bango party at Hartford's Art Cinema in July, and have submitted their report on their evening. And folks, it's a crazy one...
Doc here, a man who some say set the world land speed record in 1979, with a top speed of 739 miles per hour. This record was later thrown out after an illegal meat was found on board the racer (prosciutto). For today's Good Doctor's Pic of the Day, we are welcoming back to The Journal one of the hottest women I have had the pleasure of meeting in this thing of ours: The amazing Bambi!
oc here, a man who some say gets nostalgic on hot, humid weekend nights, where as a younger Lizardo spent some of his evenings honing his adult theater game back in NY. Steamy nights at Good Time Charlie's, the Niagara Falls Cinema, The Capri Art, and The Lyell were part of the curriculum of this August dance. Flash forward 20+ years, the locations may be different (15th Ave. in Chicago, The Art Cinema in Hartford , Fantasyland in Tampa to name a few), but the dance is much the same.
Doc here, a man who some say get further with a kind word and a Bloody Mary than a kind word alone, with a Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter. TOR this time has hit Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ, and has filed this detail-filled report.