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Whether you are doing it or just fantasising about it, public sex is one of the most intriguing and potentially exciting ways of expressing your sexuality. Itís one of the most overt forms of exhibitionism and yet often those who attempt to have sex in public often say itís the potential for getting caught that adds to the thrill of sex just outside the view of others. Public sex also covers activities like dogging where being on public display while youíre fucking is the whole idea. Some of the watchers may even join in.

A word of caution, truly public sex is illegal in most countries with penalties ranging from a fine to long prison terms in some puritanical regions of the world.

The Falcon visited one of my favorite locations in the US of A, The Berlin News Agency for some water ice R&R and came away (and on) a very interesting scene.
So kids, please welcome back to The Journal my very good friend, Ms. Hawaiian Eyeful, with this set of three Pics of the Day featuring her in all her glory.
Doc here with Part 2 of Smut for a Sunday Evening: Gobble Down Edition Part 2. Last week, we took at a look at some of the top gland gobbling pics in the Lizardo archive of submitted reports. There were so many great pics that I had to split them up into two batches.
Last night's fun at CVE in Gastonia NC was terrific. Find out here how it all went down!
Doc here, a man who some say would never bring down the Old Bailey, with a special Guy Fawkes Edition of Freeze Frame. No, I do not have a gallery of hot women wearing Guy Fawkes masks, behaving badly in adult theaters or gloryholes. However, I have many images of hot women, in masks, in adult theaters or gloryhole booths.
In what one could argue is Part 2 of their Chicago adventure (Part 1 HERE), The Adventurous MD Couple booked an appointment with The Good Doctor for a more intimate exchange of ideas fluids, and an introduction to his crew of extraordinary gentlemen, The Black Sox. The appointment was made at my remote office at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, and my associates (The Black Sox) were on stand-by to look for the Lizardo Lantern to signal them to arrive. When I was notified that the awesome Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was in motion, the Lizardo Lantern was fired up, illuminating the low clouds on Chicago's west side. One by one, The Black Sox checked in. All accounted for.
The Black Hat, along with his young ward, Porn Buddy, hit my friends at the Berlin News Agency for some shore leave, and have a good tale to tell. So ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the song stylings of The Black Hat and his report.
Today in TGDPOTD, I am proud to feature one of the legendary ladies of Portland's adult theater scene, the amazing Koral. Koral and her hubby S have been contributing to The Journal for years, and their reports and pics are nothing but top shelf! You want pics of Koral as a naughty schoolgirl, they have submitted them. How about pics of Koral dogging? Yep, have them too. So kids, to get you through this hump day, The Good Doctor prescribes several Koral's to take at bedtime. No need to call me in the morning.
The Good Doctor had been speaking to The Adventurous MD Couple for almost 2 months prior to their visit to Chicago, talking about the event and the Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party I hosted on 10/24. I was a) excited to meet them, and b) looking forward to introducing them to the Chicago adult theater scene. Lastly... Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was even hotter in person than I had seen in her pics from prior reports, but more on that later. And the pics in this report are Ms. Adventurous MD Couple, and the outfit she wore to the event.
It's been awhile since we have had a little fireside chat. You know, get caught up on the latest news and the biggest fish. So let's get started, shall we?