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Whether you are doing it or just fantasising about it, public sex is one of the most intriguing and potentially exciting ways of expressing your sexuality. Itís one of the most overt forms of exhibitionism and yet often those who attempt to have sex in public often say itís the potential for getting caught that adds to the thrill of sex just outside the view of others. Public sex also covers activities like dogging where being on public display while youíre fucking is the whole idea. Some of the watchers may even join in.

A word of caution, truly public sex is illegal in most countries with penalties ranging from a fine to long prison terms in some puritanical regions of the world.

hese two former students of Charles Xavier are now full fledged adult theater superhoes superheroes and they call the Alkali Lake section of central Florida their home base, and the legendary Fantasyland 1 as their playground. Without further ado, please welcome back Jean & Scott!
The latest from Britt & Terry....Hot report!
Welcome to another edition of The Good Doctor's Mailbag. Here I try to answer your adult theater questions for all to benefit from. Today we have a note from Sam in Fort Lee, NJ (I actually have no idea where this guy is from). His question:
More goodness from the sexy Ms. PIPPY! With Pics!
The hottest and naughtiest girls that visit 15th Ave. Adult Theater.
This was an evening The Good Doctor won't soon forget in Chicago's western burbs. With all the events going on in Chicagoland this day (the downtown dying of the river green, the huge parade), it could have been a modest evening at 15th Ave.
2nd time contributor Rick in Seattle saw that one f the legends of the Seattle adult theater scene, Gemini, was going to stop by The Paris Theatre in Portland for a visit last weekend, and he decided to meat meet her. And did he ever.
Doc here with a solid Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors The Right to the Point Couple. Here we go...
enior Journal scribe TruknDave is back with Part 2 of "TruknDave Takes a Spa Day" at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. TD hits paydirt with his return later in the evening to 15th Ave, and it's a hot and sweaty tale to tell.
t's Easter, and in the grand Journal tradition, how about a Easter-themed Flash report from new contributor, The Humble Scribe?