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Whether you are doing it or just fantasising about it, public sex is one of the most intriguing and potentially exciting ways of expressing your sexuality. Itís one of the most overt forms of exhibitionism and yet often those who attempt to have sex in public often say itís the potential for getting caught that adds to the thrill of sex just outside the view of others. Public sex also covers activities like dogging where being on public display while youíre fucking is the whole idea. Some of the watchers may even join in.

A word of caution, truly public sex is illegal in most countries with penalties ranging from a fine to long prison terms in some puritanical regions of the world.

Doc here... The is last minute, but oh so worth it! TONIGHT, 8/1/15, at 9pm, the incredible C.E.O. hits DC Video in Horse Cave, KY and it's adult theater. It's address is 845 Flint Ridge Road, Horse Cave, KY. The C.E.O. is one of the legendary ladies of the adult theater scene, and if you can get to Horse Cave, KY, you will not be disappointed. Her better half, Mr. Chairman, told me directly that The C.E.O. is extra thirsty tonight for lots of guys, so don't disappoint The Good Doctor.
Doc here, a man who some say can bake a cannoli like nobody's business, with a Flash report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter. TOR is back in Dallas, and back to monkey business. Here is his tale...
Doc here, a man who some say can charm a King Cobra snake with his lovely baritone singing voice, with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from T2Please & Gwenyth. It seems that T2Please and the lovely Gwenyth visit Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema on occasion, and put on an afternoon performance for the matinee goers. And this report chronicles one of these visits...
Doc here, a man who say only uses a Magnum XL-200 condom, with a very cool first time Couple's Flash Report from Britt & Terry. In this excellent report, Britt & Terry hit XTC in Akron, Ohio as a change of pace from other Ohio venues they have visited in the past. What did they find? Was it worth taking the flyer on XTC? Let's see, shall we?
Doc here, a man who some say used to wear a wire while playing poker at The Tangiers, signaling my partner when and how to bet, with a Flash Report from our good friend, The Oral Reporter. The Oral Reporter visited Fantasy Zone in Memphis, TN, and lady luck was not on his side.
Doc here, a man who some say raced competitive dragon boats, which was a challenge since he grew up in the inner city, with a terrific Flash Report for you. First time contributor, The Watchman, has submitted a report from Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema, and it's the best one I have received from there in many moons.
Doc here with a Visit Announcement for this coming Tuesday, July 28th 2015, for 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. The time is set right now for "mid-day" (will update with more specific info as it comes in). Coming in to enjoy a matinee at 15th Ave. is the lovely Sexy Savannah and her co-pilot, Mr. Midwest. They were nice enough to send in a note to The Good Doctor about their visit, and being the benevolent soul I am, was happy to oblige in getting the word out.
ne of 2015's most pleasant surprises was the emergence of a sexy little thing by the name of Ms. PIPY, who made her first visit to an adult theater earlier this year at Memphis' Fantasy Zone. Ms. PIPY's partner in crime, The Escort, has been very diligent in keeping The Good Doctor up date on their adventures. And with some of these adventures, there may be a pic or two sent along. The three pics I am highlighting tonight are three of my favorites from Ms. PIPY.
Doc here with a little something to get your juices running in anticipation for September's Back to School Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT: The Journal's promo video for the event!
Doc here, a man who some say once had a sweet relish named after him, with a review from senior Journal reporter, H-Man. H-Man has taken the time to screen the three HOT videos from A-Z that were re-published yesterday on the Journal, and wanted to add his two cents and perspective on the scene. So without further ado, please welcome back to the Journal, H-Man!