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Catching a yellow cab in the midst of a New York blizzard brought Hailey more warmth and excitement that she had reckoned on.
Sometimes looking to the one side, the scenery is beautiful and then, to the other side, it's quite more exciting. This was one of those situations.
Autumn is my favorite part of the year, because of the beautiful colors of the leaves, but also the lovely mushrooms you find in the woods.
Electricity is a huge part of modern life, and I am intrigued by the huge masts you find all over the country.
There's always time to play, and always places too. This Scavenger hunt images was made in a playground.
There's a mechanical arm that has to be raised for cars to enter a car park or parking garage, and that I wanted as a Scavenger Hunt location.
I finally managed to get a scavenger hunt photo at some moving stairs. Just a pity the escalator wasn't working at that moment.
I was doing some lobbying, but not the kind you might be thinking of.
Homes need decorations, such as plants, and so do city streets.
A scavenger hunt adventure...