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We were on holiday in a big park and I had to check the site plan for where we had to go next. This was a perfect opportunity for a Scavenger Hunt.
I have already done a due scavenger hunt photo on the train tracks, but this time we had to cross the tracks and I got one at a level crossing.
The last time we visited Bristol I joined friends to go to a cave near the suspension bridge. This was the perfect opportunity for a scavenger hunt.
When staying in a hotel, you have to know where to go to escape fire.
I didn't really want someone to dump me, but I had a lot of interest in the dumpster.
We stayed at a holiday park in a chalet and had some fun between the chalets.
Two years ago we did it and now we had the opportunity again. Molly and I did a joint scavenger hunt near the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol.
Electricity is a huge part of modern life, and I am intrigued by the huge masts you find all over the country.
Cropping might not be the best term to use here, but seeing those crops continuously made me think of scavenger hunting. So I combined the two.
There's a mechanical arm that has to be raised for cars to enter a car park or parking garage, and that I wanted as a Scavenger Hunt location.