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Despite the growing support for prostate stimulation and anal sex toys for men, there is a strong taboo still associated with this very pleasurable past-time; this stigma includes (but is not limited to) associations with submission (unless that is your kind of thing) and strong (but very misguided) associations that anal penetration is a homosexual act. The two tabooís associated with prostate massagers are something that we here at Pulse & Cocktails are looking to challenge!
Apologies once again for being tardy with my Roundup, Iíve been very distracted over the past few months but Iím getting back on track again. To be honest since the trip over to Hannoverís
This isnít the first Rocks-Off Rude-Boy Prostate Stimulator Iíve reviewed but there have been a few changes to this silicone sex toy since the first version appeared. First a few things are the same as before. This is a ďCĒ shaped prostate stimulator which applies
Iíve been a fan of Zini since they first appeared on the sex toy market but this is the first time Iíve had the opportunity to review one of their quality products because itís only recently that they have
Sex toy reviews of new products have to be carefully written to avoid the hyperbole that often accompanies the arrival of the
I say this in most male sex toy reviews I write, but it bears repeating. Male anal toys are very personal and what works for one guy may not work for another.