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I started writing this post to see the length of the ex trial behind me, and I think it's not as bad as I thought it was.
I have a new desk since just before Christmas and it has become part of my daily routine. I sit at it every day, sometimes for an hour, sometimes more.
I am quite the gadget freak, but it seems non-electronic gadgets always win it from the electronic ones, such as my lovely Passion Planner!
When I married for the first time I thought I knew what love is, but it was only with Master T that I learned the true meaning of the word 'love'.
She waited for him every day to return home, put his car keys in the bowl on the table in the hallway and give her a kiss.
There was a time when I was officially a foreigner in this country, but I never felt or was treated like one. I have always felt like this is my home.
Stairway to Heaven is a beautiful song by Led Zeppelin, but in this case the stairway led to a different kind of heaven, one we have created ourselves.
Even in difficult times our minds go on. I have this need in me, a need to let go of everything, forget everything and to be grounded.
Speaking about how porn in itself does not excite me but helps me over the edge when I am already horny. And of course the porn I like.
Catching a yellow cab in the midst of a New York blizzard brought Hailey more warmth and excitement that she had reckoned on.