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Defining my personal labels for day one of 30 days of Kink.
Itís not that I donít think youíre submissive enough. Or masculine and muscular enough. I see the surrender in your smile and youíre a beautiful sight. Itís not that you donít posses the magnitude of power that I desire to be relinquished. I see it wrapped around you. Hiding you. Itís not the words you choose to share from your heart that are beautiful and sincere. I believe you. I truly do. I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice. I can feel you drawing closer to meÖI can sense your hunger.
He pushes me, kissing me hard to the wall. My back flush and hands to his head devouring him with open mouthed kisses. His hands at the front of my slacks opening them and dropping inside mauling, cupping and squeezing on the warm moist of my pussy mound. My head back, low whimpers under my throaty groans and his face into my chest. Nuzzling on my breasts and my hands dropping to his shoulders.
My drive and hunger is to recognize the nervousness in your soul, yet feel the yielding of your spirit. The ĎYouí that is presented to the majority of the world will not hold my attention. I need to smell the weariness of battle on your flesh. I need to see the gnawing need of your soul to be discovered and unearthed.
Your white collared shirt unbuttoned, hanging open. Your slacks opened by me and down at your shoes, briefs down on your slacks. Or you standing straight, muscled and about to go to the park for softball. Or you standing warm, cozy, unshaven about to go out to cut wood for our fire. No difference. I have need of you. Always!
I see your male form, all muscled, cut, toned, your ass taunt and your cock hard for my attention. I can feel and taste the saliva start to line the inside of my mouth as it begins to water. The beat of my heart increasing and the throbbing between my legs, evident. The palms of my hands itch to touch you, strike you, bind you, pull you and grip you. The primal need in me rising as the predator awakens. But what keeps me engaged with you, keeps me hungry for you, keeps me panting for your taste and smell is the beauty I see inside you.
You walk naked into the living room and place my harness and 'Big Red' down on the coffee table. I look up from my lap top and you turn your gaze away. Not a word. But none needed. So many times you weren't ready. So many times we played and I prodded and poked and use some small plugs in that sweet ass of yours. But never 'Big Red'. You knew 'Big Red' meant a pounding for your ass. Meant balls deep and a ripping of your soul. You hadn't been ready; until tonight.
wrestling and sex
A woman wakes up not knowing where she is and why she is there....