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Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a protozoan parasite called “Trichomonas vaginalis”. These single
I'm back.
Nothing like pain to serve as a wake up call to your life.
My first appointment is tomorrow. Because I live in a shitty state with a 24 hour wait period, I can't get the procedure done until Friday or Saturday. I'm still wondering where I will get the money.
In a few weeks, my life will be different. I'll be in a different city, trying to adjust to life. My kids will be in new schools. And I'll no longer be pregnant.
I'm disgusted with myself right now. I'm seriously considering an abortion, and I'm in the process of losing a friend.
I had decided to stay out of the rape debate currently happening because I have an actual personal stake in it. Anything that triggers me to go batshit crazy and takes me back to that hopeless feeling is to be avoided at any cost.
I'm pregnant. There's really no reason to talk around that, so I'll just put that out there. I've known for about two weeks.
Sex is supposed to be about intimacy or bonding oneself to another person. Can you use sex to harm yourself? How can something that's supposed to feel good hurt so much?
For small moments of time, I have control. Over myself, over my partner's orgasm. I'm a focal point of desire. It's why I mostly go after men most would classify as alphas because being wanted by someone I perceive as sexier than myself, makes me feel more powerful.