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Natasha Nice is back on the Dogfart Network for more fun. How difficult is it to date non-performers? Are they understanding of her career?
Adjustments before the shoot begins
What is the most raw, lewd, indecent this you have ever been asked to do by a client? Smutty, and seedy? (She takes a pose of mock offense) That right! Now dish it out for us, smut slut!
I just realised I have a skill that many men would find unbelievable. I can hold a conversation with a naked woman without feeling the need
If youíre going to tell a tall story and pretend that itís true you really have to reign in your imagination. And over the years as sex bloggers weíve read some
What is about porn that makes it an ever-present feature of my life since I entered puberty? The answer is of course incredibly simple, sex is a fundamental human function
We do get to see some interesting stuff as part of our daily lives so itís nice to find something that is a little out of the ordinary. One such unusual offering from the porn biz
Iíve never heard of Alain but heís a philosopher who has addressed the subject of love, happiness and religion
Our original plan was to hit the road for the epic journey to Scotland bright and early on Wednesday morning but we changed our plans at the last minute. On Monday
Which of these 10 porn stars could be the next Jenna Jameson?