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Last year at this time, W, Ad and I attended MadtownKinkFest in Madison. We had a terrific time, and part of that was having the opportunity to participate in their annual Fetish Pageant. The idea is to show and explain a fetish of yours through your costuming – preferably as handmade as possible – and a brief essay. We chose to show Onyx, my show pony persona, and talk about how this kink has developed and grown between us. What follows is the actual essay I wrote for the Pageant.
Pony play is not my kink, but since this is the topic for the kink of the week, I wanted to share some of my thoughts and information.
My kink of the week about Pony Play and day 4 of my Febphotofest
review of the PonyPlay rubber bit gag by Kink Lab.
What goes well with SM play? Wine of course! Not just any wine but a wine called 'Sexual Chocolate'. Check out this fun S&M video to promote wine.
Ever dream of being an anthro horse? Now, Fetish Zone has a silicone horse penis that can be worn for sex, or it can be used as a dildo or masturbation sleeve! Pictures and a demo/comparison video between this equine sheath and a k9 sheath included in the review!
The following is an erotic piece that explores the fetish known as “pony play”. If this is not your interest, I suggest you do not continue reading. ~mina
*** The following is an inspired piece created for my Master C. It will contain touches of “pony play”. You have been warned. ***