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Polyamory is a portmanteau word and to be perfectly accurate a false cognate in that the Greek Polly meaning many and the Latin Amor (Love) are brought together to indicate a sexuality and state of being in which several partners are not only shared, but loved.

Itís a concept that many religions would frown upon, particularly in the western world where fidelity and monogamy are central tenets of a moral structure based on Christian teachings. So like many alternative lifestyles it can be difficult for polyamorous individuals and groups to express their lifestyle and feelings openly. Blogs offer a perfect opportunity for these people to express themselves while maintaining a level of anonymity, without which they would be unwilling to speak openly.

I find it very amusing that personality traits that MOST people possess, and are common to monogamous relationships also, are being attributed solely to polyamorous people.
I don't feel polyamory is anymore an experiment than monogamy, and based on monogamy's long-term success rate I'd say monogamy is an ongoing but failing experiment.
Yes, I like sex. Yes, I like variety in my sex. No, Iím not into racking-up a high score. Yes Iíll take a one night stand with the right person. No, I donít go looking for one night stands. Yes, I can fall in love with more than one person.
William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, and his wife and lover, were early pioneers of today's polyamorous relationships.
According to this New Zealand survey about sexual attitudes, men are happier with their sex lives than are women.
People understand you can have more than just one friend, even if you have a "best friend", but many have problems applying that same logic to romantic relationships.
Something that isnít talked about a lot in open relationships and BDSM is the possibility and occurrence of manipulative and controlling partners. Polyamory, other open relationship styles and BDSM are especially susceptible to people whoís intentio
There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the definitions of particular relationship matters and structures. So in an effort to make the world a better place I hereby attempt to clarify things a little.
To what degree is it healthy to look outside your current relationship to fulfill needs it isnít fulfilling?
Dirt about the purity movement.