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Polyamory is a portmanteau word and to be perfectly accurate a false cognate in that the Greek Polly meaning many and the Latin Amor (Love) are brought together to indicate a sexuality and state of being in which several partners are not only shared, but loved.

Itís a concept that many religions would frown upon, particularly in the western world where fidelity and monogamy are central tenets of a moral structure based on Christian teachings. So like many alternative lifestyles it can be difficult for polyamorous individuals and groups to express their lifestyle and feelings openly. Blogs offer a perfect opportunity for these people to express themselves while maintaining a level of anonymity, without which they would be unwilling to speak openly.

Processing and period between hot threesome adventures.
One of most common questions regarding polyamory is "How do you feel about marriage?" Well this new survey aims to answer that question.
Melissa Mitchell of Simon Fraser University is conducting a study regarding polyamory relationships. You can take the anonymous poll and even get the results of the survey by emailing her.
The arguments against polyamory, polygamy and other plural relationships almost always comes down to religion in this country, so the Buddha's teachings are very interesting on this subject.
The instruction to the boy to follow her was clear enough and certainly not a request. The previous instruction to strip naked had been just as clear. As she reached out and grabbed him by the cock, he had no idea where he was being led, or why.
To have a healthy relationship with someone else, you must first have a healthy relationship with yourself. To be with someone else you must first be okay with being alone.
As submissives, we live for the after-care, the loving, the comforting, the rewarding. In other words, the CAKE! Letís face it, we do it for the cake. After weíve suffered at the hands of our tormentors, how can they possibly refuse us the CAKE?
The Sister Wives challenge of Utah's polygamy laws is really about challenging outdated sex laws aimed at polygamists and gays but also affect the consensual adult relationships of others.
Kody Brown and the Sister Wives are challenging Utah's 121-year old polygamy law, however the laws affect many more people than just polygamists.
A woman in a polyamorous relationship relationship asks about finding single males for sexual play partners