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Polyamory is a portmanteau word and to be perfectly accurate a false cognate in that the Greek Polly meaning many and the Latin Amor (Love) are brought together to indicate a sexuality and state of being in which several partners are not only shared, but loved.

Itís a concept that many religions would frown upon, particularly in the western world where fidelity and monogamy are central tenets of a moral structure based on Christian teachings. So like many alternative lifestyles it can be difficult for polyamorous individuals and groups to express their lifestyle and feelings openly. Blogs offer a perfect opportunity for these people to express themselves while maintaining a level of anonymity, without which they would be unwilling to speak openly.

In the wake of Showtime's new series "Polyamory: Married and Dating", Lucius Scribbens gives us a glimpse into his polyamorous household and how reality differs from reality TV.
The true and explicit story of our first 69, and then later her peiod puts a damper on the festivities.
It takes her fifteen minutes, but she is able to suck him until he comes. Wish she'd do that for me!
we meet another couple in an open triad relationship!
A reflection on relationships and taking risks
Trying to be happy while my wife and our boyfriend are happy just doesn't work out.
Our process after he made her ejaculate in a shuddering earthquake orgasm.
Riding him deep and hard, he hits that special spot, and she explodes, unexpectedly
We play again with our boyfriend. This time, it's the first time he goes down on her, and oops! Where's that condom?
Our hot fourth threesome