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Polyamory is a portmanteau word and to be perfectly accurate a false cognate in that the Greek Polly meaning many and the Latin Amor (Love) are brought together to indicate a sexuality and state of being in which several partners are not only shared, but loved.

Itís a concept that many religions would frown upon, particularly in the western world where fidelity and monogamy are central tenets of a moral structure based on Christian teachings. So like many alternative lifestyles it can be difficult for polyamorous individuals and groups to express their lifestyle and feelings openly. Blogs offer a perfect opportunity for these people to express themselves while maintaining a level of anonymity, without which they would be unwilling to speak openly.

Eager to lose her virginity, Vi describes her "first time experience" with the young Comte Marco Colinna as teenagers. Marco, already a budding BDSM practitioner "shows Vi the ropes," an education that continues as they become engaged to be marri
Riccardo recounts the joys and terror's of a virgin boy's first sexual experience with a teen girl who is younger, but more sexually experienced than he could ever imagine.
its over dinner something is mentioned, its all still new enough that just spending time with him makes me a little nervous and get those little butterflies in the pit of my tummy, and i wonder for a second what it could be.....a joke is made and lau
He seems to think my half ideas and half dirty talk are a good idea as he leads me to the shower, glass butt plug having already been inserted by his deft fingers, feeling humiliated and oh so very turned on, its not often that I will agree to this a
Sometimes I get the impression... That I can take off this world and just float in the air... Loking down to people, just like I was a bird... On the other hand, other times, I feel capable to go under water... And visit another world... With li
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You started as you use to often... But this time you wanted to take proper care of it... You "manipulated" the situation like a pro... Sorry, like a pro amateur... I just felt being an amateur on a pro's "hands"... You kept it close to you.
Wednesday, 15 July 2009 Like opium smoked glass..... there is something addictive about him the way he kisses me the way he holds me, its like i can't get enough of him, of the way he tastes, of the way he feels under my hands..under my
There's so many ways... For your to show your love to me... So many ways for you to give me pleasure... So many ways for you to fuck me! It's so simple to please someone... It's just a question of how you "handle" the situation... How you
Once apon a time... In one of my wet dreams... I saw you coming out of the water... Like a siren changing in a perfect woman... It was you all right... I could even touch you... And when I started... I couldn't stop doing it... We made love