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Polyamory is a portmanteau word and to be perfectly accurate a false cognate in that the Greek Polly meaning many and the Latin Amor (Love) are brought together to indicate a sexuality and state of being in which several partners are not only shared, but loved.

It’s a concept that many religions would frown upon, particularly in the western world where fidelity and monogamy are central tenets of a moral structure based on Christian teachings. So like many alternative lifestyles it can be difficult for polyamorous individuals and groups to express their lifestyle and feelings openly. Blogs offer a perfect opportunity for these people to express themselves while maintaining a level of anonymity, without which they would be unwilling to speak openly.

Where the DungeonPlace panel talks about whether or not Collaring is necessary. What's the correct way to approach members of an Open Relationship if you want sex? And Sex Dolls, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing and the dawn of robotic M/s. Plu
Vi prepares to return to NYC after 13 months in Rome without her lovers. Read her story and vote for Sofi's at
By the fabulous erotic literary salon, a unique event in nearby Philadelphia. The erotic literary salon has something for everybody from plain vanilla to dark and edgy.
Why am I here? Simple. I’m a pervert. It’s such a shame that the word has such a negative connotation, when in reality what it means is “alternate” or “different”. To pervert the course of justice, for example, is to take it along a very different pa
There is this point, this point of acknowledgment between me and them, a unspoken word, a action that in that moment I know I am going to be pushed till I can take no more. Till I am crying and trying to scramble away from them, fighting them and wan
We lay there curling up to watch a movie I don’t think any of us actually intend on watching , it seems odd, curled against Master one side and her the other, not bad odd, just strange, I am used to sharing His attention with the tease, and this
Its addictive – he is addictive, I lay there snuggled up against him feeling content and relaxed but I cant help to start stroking and kiss him, to slide my hands along his skin and breath in his heat, to run my lips over him, taste him and feel him,
His fingers move in my grazing against that cluster of nerves that lie inside me, that sensitive spot that sends me whimpering and moaning, it almost hurts the pleasure outweighs the pain, but it feels soooooo good it almost stops me from breathing…
Hummm.... You're yammy tonight!... I'll take my time tonight!... I'll do it in the right rhytm!... We'll keep doing it till morning!... We'll remember it as our... Reggae Night!
You're shocking people! You're exagerating your way of sharing sexual flash moments!... People will think you're a freack!... Why do you care if anybody does?... Why insisting if there's no one out there?... Why exposing your thoughts on th