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I've had a lot of things on my plate lately. Trying to prepare for a move across country. Starting school. Dealing with the past. It's that last one that has mainly kept me away from this blog.
For years, I've thought about compiling my life experiences into print form. I think someone out there could benefit from telling my story. I haven't seen too many like it, from a black perspective.
You can now view the latest edition of this site at Google Producer.
After posting about my Daddy issues, I realized that I forgot two of them. I just wanted to write about them quickly, as I would feel remiss if I didn't mention them.
Things have changed a little bit since I last posted this. Relationships have changed and things have heated up with some of my Daddies. With others, things have dropped off a lot.
I'm going to write a little about how I find men, and what I tend to look for. Even a bit about how I choose a partner.
Today was a hard day for me. I acted out a lot today, texting, emailing and chatting with random men.
So, I'm on again. They keep sending me notices that I have messages. I log in and there's over 60 new messages on top of the ones already there.
I finally decided to venture off Craigslist for awhile. It's very hard to find what I want, and it seems the same people post there and reply. I decided to go with as I see the name pop up all the time and some people have had good experiences. My primary reason for using it is to find more sex partners, so I think this could work for me.